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Precious Jewellery & Objets D’Art

Certified Authenticity


When you purchase a piece of jewellery through Manor Gryffin, you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity which lists the features of the piece, including the opal type, shape, carat weight, dimensions, brightness, as well as metal(s) used and diamond weight and grade, if applicable.

All our Mariora creations also include an independent gemologist Identification Certificate.

As expected from a High Jeweller, all our jewellery is manufactured from no less than 18K solid Gold, Platinum 950, 18K White Gold or combinations thereof.

We source the very best diamonds we can, ensuring your opal investment is accompanied by world-class diamonds. Our diamonds are selected exclusively from those rated D to F within Flawless and VVS classifications. This means that they are brilliant white in colour and of exceptional purity with not even the smallest inclusion visible to the naked eye.

Unset Opals & Gemstones

When you purchase an unset gemstone from Manor Gryffin, you will receive a Certificate listing all its properties such as type, shape, carat weight, dimensions, colour intensity, dominant colours, pattern, and origin. 

All opals sold by Manor Gryffin are solid natural Australian opals, ethically mined and sourced directly from the outback opal fields in Australia.

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